In order to test an IOS application that hasn’t been released on the market yet it’s necessary to identify the devices on which is will be tested. For this is necessary to have the UUID (universally unique identifier).

The UUID is the identification number of our iphone, this serves to identify it from the rest, that’s why it’s unique. In this way when we want to perform a beta test from an application we will be asked for our number so that it only works on the authorized devices.

To find out the UUID of an Iphone or Ipad what you should do is follow the next steps:

  1. Connect our device to the computer through the USB cable.

  2. Once connected, open Itunes.

  3. Next, in the upper left margin you can visualize our device icon. We click on it.

  4. Inside in the left side we can visualize a menu wih the different configurations for our device. We click on the one that says “Summary”.

  5. In the first box it can be found the basic information of our device like amount of internal memory, IOS version, etc. We left click where it says “Serial number” and this will give us the UUID number.Here you can visualize the UUID number.

It isn’t something that is used frequently but it helps to have it in mind.