Tultix S.R.L ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The objective of this quality process is to guarantee a standard of success on the projects to be made.

Our Quality Policies

Tultix SRL is a company that understands the needs of customer growth, for this it offers consulting to address the problem and customized software development so that they can achieve their goal.

For this is neccesary to ensure a high quality service that suits the client’s needs through high training and performance of each member of our company. Adjusting to new technologies and attending queries that can come up from our clients to keep improving everyday in the services provided. For this it’s necessary to comply with the following premises:

● Agile response time
● Incidents resolution within our scope.
● Communication of new features to clients and contact list.
● Training of professionals to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends.
● Knowledge of project status in an instant way.
● Continuous improvement from the lessons learned
● Hire trained and comitted staff with the company
●Compliance with requirements and needs in the interested parts.

Engineer Martín Alejandro Casamayor


Date: 25/10/2017